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Designed for: Comtecgroup


When asking to design their website, Comtec made it clear from the get-go that they are all about the people, just as their motto states. It was as crucial for them to express that on their website as it was to showcase their extensive event production portfolio.

To display a significant amount of content in an organized and user-friendly way, I chose to align the website structure with that of the company, assigning a color for each division. The events calendar is color-coded accordingly, reflecting each division's field of expertise. Color coding is also used in navigation, allowing users to find relevant information quickly. The clear and cohesive design enables adding new event pages rapidly, thus ensuring easy updates throughout time.

The human aspect played a part in each of the decisions, down to the specific images and videos chosen for the site – celebrating community, diversity, and companionship. The humane look and feel that was created showcases the company's values while also presenting it as pleasant to work with and for.

* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

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