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Designed for: Leiman Schlussel


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

Leiman Schlussel is a prominent Israeli manufacturer, importer and distributor of top of the line confectionery. Their Chocketa label consists of imported chocolate and candy, which the company rebrands to suit the tastes of the Israeli market. My job was to design the package for a new luxury chocolate snack called “Napolitains”.


Intended for chocolate connoisseurs of all ages, Napolitains are exceptionally smooth chocolate bites made of either dark or milk chocolate.


I chose deep blue and gold colours, often associated with luxury and fine cuisine, and added a hand-sketched a cocoa bean pattern in the background, rendering the design even richer as well as hinting to the pure high-end cocoa used in the product. The straightforward package composition gives the consumer the feeling of a familiar, well-established, product.


Nothing pleases us more than designing (devouring) fine bonbons!

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