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Bear in Mind Website

Designed for: Bear in Mind


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

After successfully rebranding their company Bear in Mind, the family-owned publisher of educational books and board games asked me to design their new website and online store.

Bear in Mind playfully promotes scientific thinking, gender and social equality, accessibility awareness, social interaction, and strategic planning, all of which I aimed to communicate with both UX and UI.

The user-friendly responsive website utilizes the colorful, bold palette that was previously created for the brand. The font I selected is clear and crisp, balancing the bright color palette to accommodate the company's mixed audience of kids, adults, and everyone in between.

Individual pages are constructed of reusable components, enabling the company to easily add different types of pages in the future. I designed the pages with great attention to little details while maintaining the uniform look and feel. The result bears testimony to the company's unique persona!

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