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Boutique Central Website

Designed for: Daedalos


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

Boutique Central is a popular Israeli bakery and bakeshops chain inspired by French pâtisserie, operating in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


They hired us to create a new website to replace their outdated non-responsive one. The company needs to frequently update its website with news, events, sales, and other textual and visual content. The layout of the old website made that too complicated.


I designed the new website with regular content updates in mind. The new homepage's main feature is a grid combining image and text tiles with information about the various shops. Each element can occupy one or more tiles, creating a dynamic layout that supports multiple image ratios and enables the client to spotlight a specific piece of content when desired.


The principal element is a prominent, full-width header. It combines a static panel with a moving image carousel, displaying a single hero message alongside rotating appetizing images of perfectly flaky croissants, or creamy millefeuilles, or those tiny caramelized profiteroles with pistachio filling mmm...

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