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Chocketa Peanut Butter

Designed for: Leiman Schlussel


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

Prominent Israeli manufacturer, importer and distributor of confectionery, Leiman Schlussel, asked us to create a new design for their Chocketa label’s peanut butter. I was asked to find a way to showcase the product’s high-quality pure ingredients while also characterizing it as fun to eat. 


As a huge peanut butter enthusiast, I approached the task ahead with reverence. The colours are bright and cheerful in order to appeal to consumers of all ages. I went for a clean design, creating an illustrated pattern celebrating the product’s healthy ingredients, while also appealing to the vast Israeli vegan community. Different types of peanut butter received slight variations in label design and colouring. Never before has a chunky product been approached so smoothly by its creative team. 

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