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Aviv Wines

Designed for: Galil Mountain Winery


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

Galil Mountain is an established Israeli winery, combining modern techniques and environmental values with honoring the Galilean heritage. 


We were hired to design labels for a limited edition set of red and white wines, called Aviv, which will be sold exclusively in restaurants. The client asked us to create a label that will differ from the rest of their wines, while remaining connected with the magnificent scenery of the Galilee. 


Following the concept of Aviv (Hebrew for “spring”), I went for a fresh and vibrant design. I used artistic photographs from the Galilee as the background for the labels in order to reflect their luxurious, rich quality. The bold typography of the logo 

showcases the wine’s uniqueness, implying the fine dining experience awaiting the consumer. The label’s straightforward design enables the product to be presented as a versatile wine, complimenting various types of dishes. 

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