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Boys Who Dare to be Different

Designed for: Bear in Mind


"Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different" is a collection of short biographies of prominent historical men. Though each specialized in a different field (politics and art, entrepreneurship and science, invention and activism, and more), they all applied compassion, sensitivity, and status to confront their own difficulties and stand-up for those whose voices are not heard.

This remarkable book was written by Ben Brooks, illustrated by Quinton Winter, and translated to Hebrew by Hamutal Ben Dov of Bear in Mind publishing house. I was hired to adapt its visual design to the Israeli audience.

The original cover showcases a playful typographic title of assorted fonts and styles. Adapting this eclectic arrangement to Hebrew was a fun challenge, experimenting with different fonts and layouts to maintain the original playfulness.

I picked the Hebrew fonts for the book's interior based on their similarity to the original Latin ones. I paid particular attention so that the final Hebrew text suits both line lengths, illustrations, and composition to maintain the original look and feel. I am very proud to have taken part in this inspiring project.

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