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Sweet Faces

Designed for: Leiman Schlussel


* Done during my work at Daedalos Design

Another project for Leiman Schlussel’s Chocketa label of imported candy, rebranded for the Israeli sweet tooth. This time, we were hired to design a package for Sweet Faces, a series of spheroid cereal centers coated by various types of excellent chocolate.


According to the brief I got, Sweet Faces are intended mainly for kids, but should appeal to grown-ups too. I was therefore aiming to create a fun, playful package, while avoiding any hint of ridiculousness.


I chose to use bright eye-catching colors and design a bag that smiles at you from the shelf, inviting you to grab it. The package illustrations reflect the shape of the candy, which varies according to its different ingredients. Each type of Sweet Face got a different color and a different sweet critter to represent it.


The result is a series of smiley packets we knowingly wink to every time they catch our eye in the supermarket.

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