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Board Game Localization

Designed for: Bear in Mind


Bear in Mind is an Israeli publisher of books and board games that playfully promote scientific thinking, gender and social equality, accessibility awareness, social interaction, and strategic planning. Among other things, they import educational board games, adapting them for the Israeli market. I was hired to manage the visual aspects of this task.


Localizing a game is a complicated job, which offers several distinct challenges.

  • Hebrew texts are usually longer than their English counterparts

  • Unlike English, Hebrew is written from right to left

  • The Hebrew alphabet is profoundly different than the Latin one

  • The Hebrew font must match the look and feel of the original Latin


I handled the game logos, which often use distinct typography, with extra care aiming to be as loyal to the source as possible, under the constraints. Overall, the designs succeeded in preserving the same look and feel of the originals while also resolving language and culture differences.

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